Turn your business into a sport

What is TA Sprint?

Sprint is a high-intensity and flexible program, that brings you from an idea to a developed and pitchable business in one year, using the same philosophy of the Team Academy program. This program is tailor made for those that require flexibility to travel and continue to pursuit their careers. The program was created from within Team Academy Amsterdam, a full-time bachelor’s degree in entrepreneurship. Team Academy believes in learning by doing and team learning, and students start their businesses from day one.

Is TA Sprint for me?

The program is for top level athletes and flexible professionals, looking to jump-start their entrepreneurial futures. If you have discipline and top level performance, join us to learn about entrepreneurship and leave with a viable business model.

The program

Build your own business

Flexible program

Business coaching

Learn in a small team

"Characteristics of athletes and entrepreneurs are very similar"

- Robbert Kemperman (Dutch field hockey player and Olympic medalist)

The program


Clarify your purpose statement and co-create business ideas


Develop your business ideas into a business model and a real MVP


Connect with your target audiences and run tests, co-building your future business based on real customer needs


Work through your business model, financial needs, marketing and sales, the most important aspects in building a sustainable business


Pitch your business to a board of experienced entrepreneurs and get actionable feedback. Continue connected to our network as you build your business

Program starts in October 2019

Duration of 10 months

15 spots for aspiring entrepreneurs

15 days filled with content from business experts and team work

Flexible program that allows you to follow your athletic schedule

Individual Sessions on Team, Business and Marketing Coaching

Access to Rent24 co-working space and community

Access to Team Academy Masterclasses

Ready to start building your business?

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